BEDLAM STREET is a dark, gritty, character driven drama taking place on one day near Christmas in an inner city with all of the troubles and challenges facing the people living there.

Through a web of intersection and coincidence, BEDLAM STREET displays the struggles of several interconnected characters, and examines themes surrounding crime, poverty, race, religion, family and the innocence of children.

coupleAjani and Muna are immigrants running a convenience store and attempting to build a better life for themselves and their young son.



Bedlam Postcard 1Gabe is a troubled youth with a pregnant girlfriend and a desperate need for money.




LeonPolice officer Leon is struggling with his faith while trying to reunite his dying mother and his delinquent teenage son.



Caitlin is a drugged-out prostitute who is rapidly losing all hope.




How their stories collide will touch and shock you.



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